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Bienvenidos A Yuya Tegoshi Fic Land A.K.A. The Chick Who Writes Poorly in Ingles

....It's The Smell of Desire My Lady

Soma is Luv
14 March
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[Friend Me If You Like, But At Least Lets Have The Same Type of Interests]

I didn't think I would do this, but I will have a few posts for friends only now and then.

~About Me~
Im just a Latina chic, writing dribbles. I love to write in English, even though I suck at it (i always got F's on the tests), but my Spanish grammar is pretty bad for someone fluent. But as I see it, people should do the things they love, even of they are not good at what they love!!Just keep going out their to do what you want (as long as you are not a crazy or a perv) you should try you best to achieve your dreams...Im really getting all sappy here, aren't I?

So far I have been writing two fics, both revolving around the beautiful and delicious Tegoshi Yuya of NewS. One is a light comedy romance, while the other is much darker and sinister story with Tegoshi being his usual bad ass self.When I'm not fangirling are cutie Tego, I drool over Matsumoto Jun!

Besides that I blame my friend for making me obsessed over the manga Death Note, even when I told her I didn't like manga and anime she didn't give up on me (i still don't like anime, i don't really know why)! So now I am a complete whore over L and Light lovin a.k.a smut!

Oh lord, I really am becoming what I disliked the most...a crazy fangirl (oh well, i knew it would come out someday)jajaja